About The University

The International Tamil University USA is primarily      serving the students around the globe providing education on  general studies with commitment to  education and research. It is  located in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States of America and is providing education to students through distance and continuing modes thus affiliating with the prestigious Universities collaborating with those high-end academic courses leading to short term, Under- graduate, Post-Graduate and Doctoral research programs through part time and full time means of learning.

The International Tamil University USA is an equal opportunity educational institution open to all irrespective of any gender, sexual considerations, citizenship, States, race and class or educational level. The International Tamil University USA is adhering all laws and legal concerns admitting all variables of local, national and  international regulations.

Furthermore the International Tamil University is dedicated to promote integrity and respect in the area of education along with changing educational progress to assist the students to fit into the benefits of knowledge, research and  wisdom.

Mission of the University

The mission of the International Tamil University USA is to be an   excellent center of learning of the Tamil culture, traditions and    civilization which is very ancient and relatively ignored by the rest of the world.

The International University USA is focusing on Tamil language and history to serve as a platform for learning Tamil language, provide   facilities for doing research in  Tamil by bringing  together the  hundred and twenty million Tamils living  worldwide and also all those international scholars who are evincing tremendous interest in learning the Tamil literature and unite under a cultural forum to   exchange information, academic learning, discovery and research.


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