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How does receiving Regionally Accredited College Credits for your Flight Training sound? With the Global Aviation Degree Program it's possible, easy, fun and affordable. While you do your flight training here at Falcon Flight Sanford Inc. you receive College credit. For example, pass your Private Pilot FAA check ride and you receive three credits toward a Bachelor of Science in Aviation or Associates in Applied Science in Aviation. Other coursework and general education courses are done via the internet.

The Global Aviation Degree Center is the distance-learning arm of the successful Aviation Science Program at Utah Valley State College. UVSC desires to teach its winning formula for finding and taking care of flight students to flight schools across the world. The Global Aviation Degree Center is committed to bringing the very best training to all of our students. This fact is reflected in our mission statement, "To help people of all backgrounds realize their dream of being a professional pilot and to bring together flying schools as one family for mutual benefit."

Falcon Flight-Sanford Inc. is very proud to be part of the Global Aviation Degree Program. Being able to train the Professional Pilots of tomorrow and having the ability to help them receive a college degree is very exciting. The program is set up for anyone, from a high school graduate flying a 172 to a corporate pilot flying a jet.

How affordable is the College Degree Program? College credits are only $120.00 per credit. Our flight program prices vary for different students depending on their previous flight training. For example, a student who has no flight time, no college credit can receive a four year degree and all of their pilot ratings for less than $49,000.

Getting admitted to college is easy, applying is easy, and a standard ACT/Compass test will need to be taken after applying. Many students who have completed the program found it was easy and their passing rate is 90% better than the traditional classroom learning style. The program is designed to allow students to complete their flight certificates before working on the general education courses. This revolutionary style of learning allows students to start working in the field of aviation in the shortest amount of time. Many students have even started working with the regional airlines before the completion of their Bachelor Degree.

Financial aid is available for students who enroll in the College Degree Program. Key Bank loans and US Bank loans can be issued to students with no payback until six months after they graduate from the program. After students complete their CFI, Falcon Flight-Sanford Inc. will give them the opportunity to instruct other future professional pilots of tomorrow earning $20.00 an hour. This gives them the opportunity to continue on with school and earn money to start paying off their loan early.

Make your dreams of aviation and a college diploma a reality here at Falcon Flight-Sanford Inc.

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