Falcon Flight Sanford Inc.

Falcon Flight Sanford Inc. respects all that you as Officers, Fire and Rescue, and Emergency Service Providers do for our community and others. Therefore, in appreciation to our "Local Hero's" Falcon Flight Sanford Inc. has created special pricing for you all! Any of our Local Hero's who have Pilot Ratings are invited to come in and participate in the FAA's "Wings" program or the choice of a Quick Currency Course. This program is designed for those of you with ratings to receive specialized currency training. You may find the details of the program at www.faa.gov.

We at Falcon also realize that many of you may have an interest in learning to fly. Some of you simply want to experience the rush and excitement of an individual experience flying an airplane. We would love to help all of you for helping us on a daily basis. Special pricing specifically for our Local Hero's in regards to training for new ratings, individual flight experiences, or time building has been set up.

As the Director of Admissions I would be proud to assist each of you personally if interested. You may contact me directly at 407-585-3579 or falconflightsanford_nate@yahoo.com.  I hope to have the opportunity to meet all of you soon.

Nate Budd
Director of Admissions
Falcon Flight Standard Inc.

Local Hero's VFR Currency Special

3 Hours Dual Cessna 152
1 Hour Ground Instruction
Class 3 Medical Exam

Local Hero's IFR Currency Special

6 Hours Dual Cessna 152
1 Hour Ground Instruction
Class 3 Medical Exam

All Other Flight Instruction

Our Local Hero's also qualify for Discounted Flight Instruction!  Please contact Nate Budd for further details @ 407-585-3579.

*any additional flight time needed to gain currency due to lack of proficiency will require additional charges.

Must bring valid identification in order to qualify for Local Hero's Special

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